While working on a college term paper, Calvin Monroe comes across a mysterious marking on an ancient stone carving found in Turkey that he realizes might be connected to ancient stories of a massive flood in antiquity, including the one told in the Bible. Impressed with his paper, his professor invites him to present it at a conference in Turkey. On the way there, Calvin learns of a scientific theory that the Black Sea was created by a massive flood, and he starts putting the clues together. Teaming up with Jay Kim, a researcher and author who is frustrated with his reputation as a fringe theorist, he sets off on a journey to investigate the archaeological wonders of the country—not only to look for the civilization that was lost in the Black Sea, but also to explore the origins of civilization itself.

The Elmesu Stone is the first novel in a series that will follow Calvin Monroe in his adventures around the world to explore fascinating questions about the mysteries of the distant past.


Calvin Monroe Series, Book 1

Chris Borhani


288 pages

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