In January 2018, Chris Borhani created the Rockpile Project website as a public portal for information on archaeological sites in Greece, Turkey, and beyond. The primary feature of the site is a large collection of articles on archaeological sites in the region illustrated with photographs taken by Chris during his visits. In addition, the articles also include zoomable satellite maps of the sites as well as practical information for those interested in visiting the sites themselves.

The purpose of the website is to provide the opportunity for people to easily find basic information about these ancient sites, to see what they look like, to learn where exactly they are located, and to find out how they can get there themselves if they wish. Many of the archaeological sites documented on the website are not widely written about outside of academic publications, making a large number of the articles among the few places online where people can find such information on them. Naturally, the Rockpile Project website was created with the importance of the promotion of public archaeology in mind.

Going forward, Chris has plans to expand the Rockpile Project website to include general articles on archaeology, ancient civilizations, and other topics relevant to the study of the distant past.

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