Chris Borhani was born and raised in Michigan (USA), where he completed his undergraduate studies at Michigan State University and earned a graduate degree from the University of Michigan. Since then, over the past two decades he has held faculty appointments as a lecturer of English at several universities in Turkey and South Korea. He currently lives in Greece.

Outside of the classroom, Chris has continued his studies of the past which he began during his formal education. He is especially interested in archaeology, prehistory, ancient civilizations, mythology, art history, and languages — both modern and ancient.

Part of his independent research has involved visiting numerous archaeological sites, and in January 2018 he launched the Rockpile Project website to create a public resource for information about ancient sites of interest in Turkey, Greece, and beyond. The website features a collection of well-illustrated articles featuring basic as well as practical information about ancient sites Chris has studied, visited, and photographed.

Some years ago, Chris became interested in creating fiction inspired by the mysteries of the ancient past. That interest led to the writing — and, finally, publication in 2019 — of his first novel, The Elmesu Stone. The book is the first in a series in which the protagonist (Calvin Monroe) travels the world investigating some of the most interesting questions about the distant past.

In addition to his studies and research as well as his work on the Rockpile Project, Chris is currently working on his second novel, which will also be the second of the Calvin Monroe series.